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published May 31st, 2022

Author Debbie Campbell Releases Second Edition of Her Book on Developing an Optimistic and Hopeful Perspective on the Journey of Life.

Life can be challenging and full of troubles. Writings of the Soul is a book that teaches readers of all ages how to remain hopeful as they fight through the disappointment and hurt, to emerge victoriously.


Author and mental health professional Debbie Campbell announces her book "Writings of the Soul: The Journey, Vol 1, 2nd Edition." The 175-page book offer readers insightful and engaging conversations on developing an optimistic perspective on life's journey.

The book is written in such a way to make it easy for readers to understand the content, assimilate, and relate to it with their own reality in their current situations. It's suitable for readers of all ages, including men, women, teens, and everyone old enough to understand the difficulties and challenges of life. Readers can purchase a paperback version from Debbie’s website at, or both kindle and paperback versions from Amazon.

Speaking on the release, author Debbie Campbell said, "Writings of the Soul, The Journey, Vol.1 SECOND Edition is an updated continuation of the story, with brand new chapters and brand new tidbits. This new book emphasizes the courage needed to overcome the challenges of life.” Debbie also coined the phrase, "Courage is not the absence of fear; Courage is action in spite of the presence of fear!”

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