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Remember, You Are LOVED! Happy Holidays!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Holidays are here, again! If you are reading this, then count yourself to be one of the special humans who are alive today! You may not be feeling well, but you are alive to participate in the holiday season. It never gets old - the lights! the holiday music! the smell of pumpkin spice! and other holiday flavors..mmmmmmmm. And if you live in the colder climate- that beautiful ( for some-that dreaded) 'S' word - SNOW! All these components make the holidays....THE holidays! (For me, at least).. But while there are nostalgic and beautiful moments of the holidays, this season also brings on sad memories, loss, pain and grief. While some celebrate and happily share gifts amongst family and friends, there are many who have valid reasons to be sad. It is during this happy time, the loss of loved ones become more prominent, as their seat at the dinner table is empty, their laughter and smiles around this joyous time are no longer heard, and their presence is sorely missed. For some, the holidays are so painful that the behavioral consequences can be clearly seen in the rise of suicide statistics during this season. Yes, the holidays bring feelings of sadness also. But (..yes, there is a but), not only is this a season of Joy and Laughter, it is also a season of Comfort and Peace. While you are experiencing the sad memories and feeling the sadness, allow His Peace to flood your mind and Comfort your soul. Celebrate the positive & good memories of loved ones gone before. Celebrate the legacies they left behind. Celebrate the wonderful impact their existence had made on this earth. Love creates this beautiful tapestry of connections that leaves a void when a connection is broken or a link is missing. Love is the essence of our existence. The Supreme & Ultimate Love originated during this Season. Love came down at Christmas; this is a Season of Love. The historical timing of Christ's birth may be erroneously celebrated in December, putting up the Christmas trees may be rooted in paganism, and the spirit of Christmas heavily commercialized, and all of that is important for us to know and understand; but while we are aware of the inconsistencies of this beautiful season, DO NOT let that deter you from what is most important at this time- REMEMBER, YOU ARE LOVED!

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