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Living the Year of YOUR Life! Happy 2023!

(An Excerpt from the book -Writings of the Soul: The Journey, Vol 1, 2nd Edition)

As another New Year rolls around for yet another time in our lives, first of all, we stop to thank God that we are alive to even start another brand new year. The world does not seem to be a safe place anymore. This becomes more real when you leave your home in the mornings, and you realize you cannot take it for granted that you will return home at all. Kissing your family members (or even pets) as you leave home in the mornings and routinely saying, “See you later when I get home,” cannot be taken for granted anymore. Family becomes more important; friendships become dearer; knowing that life is proving to be more and more of a challenge when we watch the news reports, and also when we experience personal tragedies from time to time. Yes, the tangible things (good job, financial stability, nice house, nice car, etc.) are no longer that important. The intangible things (relationships of family and friends, health) are way more important.

But I digressed. We were talking about celebrating a brand new year, right?

So, what is at the top of your list for the New Year? Aside from improved relationships with family and friends, what is the number one on your list? For some, weight loss is top priority; for others, finding the right partner, finding the suitable apartment or home, finding the right church, the right job, etc. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is wrong with those things! God is just as caring about those details of our lives as He is about us knowing Him and having a relationship with Him. Whatever your priorities, they are just as important to God.

This 2023, promise yourself that you will:

1. Love God passionately!

2.Love your self deeply!

3.Learn to Love others ( who are difficult to love)

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