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Live And Learn; Pass It On

So, I have this book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. " The Complete LIVE and LEARN Pass It On". I love to read what people have shared about what life has taught them in their lifetime. Ages vary from 5 to 95 ( that is what it says!), so we get a wide range of thoughts and experiences. I find some of the lessons learnt hilarious, some somber and some reflective. Here are couple of what people shared with the world in the book:

  • I have learnt you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass. (7 yrs)

  • I've learned that at least once in his lifetime, a man makes a fool of himself over a woman. (46 yrs)

  • I've learned that marrying for money is the hardest way to get it. (42 yrs)

  • I've learned that people can change, so give them the benefit of the doubt. (14yrs)

  • I've learned that when my wife and I finally get a night out without the kids, we spend most of the time talking about the kids. (29 yrs)

LOL....Funny, but true, huh?

So, what have you learned in your short span of a lifetime that you can share with the world, and pass along?

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