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Apathy, Hate, Love

Apathy. What does it mean? Essentially, it means you are void of any feelings, concern, attentiveness or care towards something/someone. So, what is hate? Well, you see the actions of hate all the time in our society. For example, dramatic increase of racially motivated mass shootings that targets a certain group of people because someone dislike the fact that they look different from them; also, maybe someone told you " I hate you". Pretty sure that hurts! Well, think about it. You cannot love without feeling. Apathy says you don't have any feelings. Hate- is a feeling but it is a negative feeling that can bring about harmful situations if acted upon. Imagine a world where there is no feeling. Imagine an existence where there is no enjoyment to cherish or value someone or something. Feeling is what makes us human. We are alive when we feel pain. If you do not feel pain, you are not alive. ( See my book Writings of the Soul, 2nd Edition). No feeling makes us 'not human'. Dislike is a natural human feeling, even though it is negative. You just need to ensure that that dislike does not grow into resentment and hatred. You can dislike an idea, a phrase, a behavior, a type of food, types of music etc., but do you strongly dislike the particular potato chips that you see on the shelf at the store, that you are compelled to take it down and stomp on it until they are tiny bits-only then you will feel satisfied. No, you do not. You will be a crazy person if you do. So, why in heavens name, can't we just dislike the behavior of an individual or group, and not seek to harm them, as in purchase a gun with the intention to physically harm? Or what about intentional verbal abuse that will emotionally scar a person? Why do we do that to another human being? Certainly, not love. Hate, yes. But apathy is even worse. Apathy, means you do nothing. You do not get involved. It is not your concern. You do not belong to that group of people, city, nation, school, church so, not your concern. When we find ourselves in certain situation, sometimes we need to ask ourselves 'What would LOVE do?'

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