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Courage is NOT the Absence of Fear; Courage is ACTION, in spite of the PRESENCE of Fear. Debbie C.



I have been working as a mental health therapist in the mental health field for over 20 years, but I have come to realize that being a Life Coach is what I REALLY want to do for the remainder of my life. Coaching was made for me. I was made for Coaching. I have stepped over into my best life yet!  My desire now is to help others uncover the true cause of their existence and guide them on a path towards fulfillment, through the coaching pathway- not the counseling route. I created DeeCee Global Life Coaching Services to pursue this amazing vision. 


Is this you? Feeling like your life is like a wheel that is turning and not going anywhere? Is this you? Feeling stuck in the monotony of life and you feel a sense of hopelessness and loss of direction? Is this you? Feeling like the world is heavy on your shoulders and you feel the weight of injustices and unfairness and you do not know where to turn for help and relief? I can help!


I am a Certified Professional Life Coach. I want to help my clients build confidence and work from the ‘inside out’ to maximize their potential, take back the wheel, take control, and exceed their wildest dreams. My areas of expertise centers around supporting and empowering ALL women ( especially Women of Color), from all walks of life, no matter what life transition they are experiencing, women in leadership roles (OR not), young men and college age students. Due to my empathetic background in mental health, I am able to provide the compassionate guidance they need to meet their specific life goals. Guided by my unique coaching style, along with their resolute determination, they WILL create the life balance needed for success, develop the self-confidence and utilize the self-care skills they need to ‘live their best life’. 


I am originally from the small, sunny Caribbean isle of Jamaica, and resided in the US for many years. I am musically inclined, thanks in part to being raised in a musical family. I have written poems, some of which were turned into songs and were published. 


DeeCeeLifeStreams embodies the various 'streams' of expressions of who I am. I hope to aid in the process of revitalizing the passions of those who seek to re-position their place in this 'global village'. Happy to impart the authentic 'me' to anyone in the world who needs it. 

Enjoy & stay well!


  • Cruises

  • Authenticity

  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolates


  • Speckled ripe bananas

  • Unfairness, mistreatment or injustice

  • Air travel

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